Michelle Brumfield

Michelle Brumfield


Michelle Brumfield’s journey for the perfect mattress began with her own back pain. After several surgeries to relieve pain from an active lifestyle and overuse sports injuries, Brumfield went on a personal quest to find the best mattress she could find, knowing that her sleep comfort had a direct correlation to her health and well-being. This quest led her to Custom Comfort by Winn. At this point in her journey, she decided to change her career and become the most knowledgeable mattress designer and retailer in Virginia.

Building mattresses in the factory allowed Brumfield to gain a vast knowledge of what goes into building a quality mattress using the best raw materials, and how to make the mattress components fit each customers’ individual sleep needs. This knowledge and hands-on experience helped her create and design the various mattress models she carries in her showrooms. Now 20 years later, her passion for this product has grown from helping family and friends to owning three retail stores in Virginia.

In addition to her extensive knowledge in the sleep industry, Brumfield is extremely passionate about helping people get a good night’s sleep while providing the best customer service experience possible. The BedCrafters’ promise is to educate you on the benefits of a quality mattress and to ensure you will never have to sacrifice the quality of your mattress for price. Her motto is “Give us one night, and we’ll give you a better day. We promise.”

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