Marc Werner

Marc Werner


Nature’s Sleep and GhostBed founder, Marc Werner, comes from multiple generations of inventors and innovators. The Werner family, dating back to the early 1900’s, pioneered the ladder business with the invention of both the aluminum and the fiberglass ladder. Still today the Werner Ladder Company continues to be the leading worldwide manufacturer, and the name is synonymous with both quality and innovation.

As a seasoned serial entrepreneur who has developed and managed many businesses, Werner has been involved with hundreds of transactions over the past 40 years—including selling a company to Microsoft. However, his position in the mattress industry stems from a personal experience. Decades of intense athletic training, including golf and distance running, resulted in significant spinal strain. After three major neck surgeries, Werner knew firsthand what it was like to lose sleep due to chronic pain. True to the Werner way, when he wasn’t able to find a comfortable pillow or mattress to support his neck and back, he decided to create one. Nature’s Sleep was launched in 2001. He designed Nature’s Sleep’s products to provide a highly-engineered, high-quality experience at an affordable price.

In 2007, Werner designed and built a mattress in a box he knew would be an industry disrupter, The GhostBed. The unique design represented a culmination of his family tradition of innovation and excellence and the learned experiences of the evolving mattress industry. It took eight more years before the GhostBed finally launched in 2015. Today, GhostBed is respected as a category leader, but more importantly, is loved by the consumers as evidenced by the 10,000+ positive reviews posted over the past year.

Marc Werner has maintained his dedication to quality and value, despite shifts in the economy or fleeting consumer trends.

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