Lynne Jensen-Nelson

Lynne Jensen-Nelson


“Today there are no second chances. People have access to limitless information, countless options and not enough time to all. To WIN AT SALES we must show up and be exceptional.”

Lynne Jensen-Nelson is a nationally recognized and highly sought-after keynote speaker, sales trainer and business consultant specializing in the home improvement/products industry. She is known for her energetic, “Let’s make it happen!” approach to creating sales and marketing strategies that get results. Her goal is to help fill your sales “tool box” with immediately applicable skills and techniques.

Jensen-Nelson parlayed her educational background and Master’s Degree in Communication into a 20+ year career in successful sales team development. She credits her mastery of effective communication strategies for her meteoric rise through the ranks of sales management, executive leadership and successful entrepreneurship. She’s earned numerous distinctions including:

• National Sales Leadership Champions Circle
• NSMC Award of Excellence
• NAHB Platinum Award for Distinguished Sales Leadership
• National Sales Manager of the Year
• JD Power & Associates #1 Sales Force

Today’s consumers and employees are looking for confident business leaders who can understand motivation, handle objections and provide effective solutions. They seek an experience that is unique, current, and validates them personally and professionally. Successful organizations focus time and energy on creating strategic processes that help them meet those needs. The foundation of which is utilizing effective communication skills and the ability to adapt the message to the unique requirements of the situation and the individual.

As the founder of Conversion-omics© Sales Training, Jensen-Nelson inspires organizations, large and small, to refine their sales approach, define their ability to differentiate, and aggressively drive revenue by being effective leaders in the sales process. The Conversion-omics© approach is simple: you have to Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform. To learn more about Conversion-omics©, go to

“We are ALL sales people! We are constantly selling ourselves, our companies, our ideas, our products, and our services. Why not be REALLY good at it?”

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