John Merwin

John Merwin


John Merwin is the owner and chief executive officer of Brooklyn Bedding, an American-made manufacturer of highly crafted sleep products, founded in 1995. A struggling college student at Montana State University Billings, about to get married, Merwin joined his brother’s mattress liquidation business in Phoenix, Ariz. in 2000.

The transition from liquidation to manufacturing was long and meticulous. Merwin managed to accumulate raw materials and equipment as he could afford them. He also took every opportunity to visit manufacturing facilities across the country, learning both the art and science of making his own mattresses while adopting best manufacturing practices. In 2008, his wife, Kristin, suggested he expand his private label business nationwide by selling online. Merwin became the first to import the Italian Teknomac at a cost of $135,000, hoping customers would take a chance on buying a bed-in-a-box on Amazon. The venture was so successful he launched and built a state-of-the-art, 145,000-sq.-ft. factory in central Phoenix to meet the ever-increasing demand for his online business.

Though hundreds of online and bed-in-a-box companies have sprung up since 2012, Brooklyn Bedding remains one of the few to manufacture their own products. The company’s end-to-end craftsmanship approach has empowered Merwin to remain competitively priced while offering higher quality.

Merwin is an avid golfer as well as entrepreneur. He and his wife, Kristin, are the parents of four children: Kayli, Brooklyn, Kyler and Brayden.

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