Joe Alexander

Joe Alexander


Joe Alexander started his mattress career in 1999 as a sales manager with Austin’s Home Furnishings in Northern California. After several years in that role, while surfing in Hawaii, he met with a sales manager at C.S. Wo & Sons, a top retailer he had long admired. C.S. Wo offered him a position as a retail sales associate in its Slumberworld department, where he became the retailer’s top mattress RSA, selling $1.8 million worth of product in one year.

Alexander then moved back to the mainland and worked for four years as general manager for Keetsa, where he helped the boxed-bed specialist set up a store network before venturing out on his own with Nest in 2012.

In 2011, several years before boxed beds became the rage, Alexander conceived the idea of creating a series of boutique bedding stores specializing in quality sleep products delivered directly to homes in a box. In 2012, he opened his first store and, in late 2016, he merged his fast-growing network of seven stores and an e-commerce operation with Brooklyn Bedding, his main sourcing partner, which operates a new $15 million, 145,000-square-foot factory in Phoenix. The merger positions Nest Bedding for another round of rapid growth.

Nest Bedding currently has eight stores with revenue projected at $20 million – and $70 million combined with their merger with Brooklyn Bedding. They plan to open four to six more stores this year, expanding the operation beyond its current trading regions of the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. Future additions include Texas; Scottsdale, Ariz.; and perhaps Seattle. The long-range plan is to establish a network of 50 to 70 stores in major metro markets from coast to coast.

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