Jeff Giagnocavo

Jeff Giagnocavo


Contrarian. The anti-establishment mattress store. Doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. These are some of the words used to describe what Jeff Giagnocavo and his business partner, Ben McClure, are doing within their retail business, Gardner’s Mattress & More, and literally within the entire mattress retail industry.

Their innovative, outside-the-box marketing and sales strategies are uniquely profitable. Armed with a robust and automated marketing plan, precise sales choreography, and a unique in-store customer experience, Gardner’s Mattress & More quickly became THE PLACE to purchase a new sleep set in Lancaster, Pa.

Their Dream Room™ (a try before-you-buy mattress testing suite within the store) has been featured in Success Magazine; their marketing plan on Fox Business News; in-store events on ABC TV; their successes highlighted in Furniture Today, and they are an eight-time Reader’s Choice award winner in their local marketplace.

All of this has resulted in explosive growth since Giagnocavo and McClure purchased Gardner’s Mattress & More in 2010 and has placed Giagnocavo and team front and center for other independent mattress retailers looking to implement these proven strategies. Giagnocavo is a sought-after speaker, author and guest expert within the mattress retail industry and his articles have appeared in Retailer Now, Furniture World and Sleep Savvy.

Giagnocavo also co-founded Infotail Systems, Inc. and their flagship service for the mattress retail industry, Automatic Mattress Profits. Automatic Mattress Profits provides other independent mattress retailers leverage and implements the power of the unique marketing and sales tools, systems and automation developed for Gardner’s Mattress and More.

In this capacity, he helps independent mattress retailers of all sizes, from local independents to top 10 mattress retailers, automate their sales and marketing – empowering them to increase their mattress sales, while reducing their advertising spend.

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