Alan “Dr. V” Vonder Haar

Alan “Dr. V” Vonder Haar


Alan Vonder Haar, better known as “Dr. V”, is not a real doctor but plays one on TV. For the past 24 years, he has been the mattress spokesperson and specialist for Miskelly Furniture, a seven store chain in Jackson, Miss. Under his direction, the store has risen to new heights in the bedding category. Since proving his talent for growing the business, Vonder Haar was named the Director of Strategic Development for Miskelly’s and every category is now seeing the benefits.

Vonder Haar began his mattress career after graduating from the University of Missouri – Columbia. He started to work for Denny Boyd at Royal Waterbeds in St. Louis, Mo. After six months he moved to Jackson, Miss. and opened his own waterbed stores from 1984 to 1994. After 10 years of thinking that flotation sleep was the only way to go to bed, he closed his stores and joined Miskelly Furniture. Rising up through management, he has moved their mattress business from 7% to now around 25% of their business.

Vonder Haar is dedicated to the bedding industry and realizes it is not just about the mattress but is about the way you sleep. So much so that he has named all of the Miskelly Mattress stores Miskelly Sleepstores. Vonder Haar’s philosophy is making sure the customer experience is what makes the difference in the mattress buying process. He is focused on sales training and following a process that educates the consumer to understand their options and find the right mattress for them to get the sleep they deserve.

Vonder Haar currently lives in Brandon, Miss. with his wife of 31 years, Lee. He has four children–Adam, Nicholas, Lauren and Wilson.

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